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Connecting you to resources, training, and champions in your community to support the development of physical literacy


The Be Fit For Life Network is a provincial initiative comprised of 9 regional centres, located in Colleges and Universities across Alberta. The Network works together, alongside many partners to inspire, educate and support Albertans to lead healthy, physically active lifestyles. Be Fit For Life Coordinators are experts in physical activity, working across sectors in their unique communities, setting the stage for collaboration and alignment of services to support the development of physical literacy.

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Our centres offer variety of interactive educational workshops for recreation leaders, teachers, coaches & more.


Resources to help develop the confidence, motivation & skills Albertans need to be physically active for life.

Physical Literacy And You (PLAY) Groups

Join forces with passionate professionals & volunteers in your community working together to advance physical literacy.

Latest Resources

As Big as the Sky, as Tall as the Trees

Resource for parents, caregivers, teachers and programmers, as well as childcare providers to help promote the development of physical literacy through physical activity for children in the early years (0-5).

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Zen Me Handout

Utilize one of these sample Zen Me techniques to support energetic and emotional balance. A free download.

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