Offerings for coaches, parents and athletes

Physical literacy is the cornerstone of both participation and excellence in physical activity and sport.

When you were a kid, what kind of experience did you have in sport and physical activity? When you participated in team sports or physical education classes, was it fun? Did you learn skills? And did it make you want to keep playing?

Kids who are motivated to move, confident in their movement, and have the skills they need to participate, are much more likely to continue to be active throughout their life course – whether that be in competitive sport or active recreation for health and wellbeing in adulthood.

Workshops for Coaches & Parents

Explore the FUNdamental elements of physical literacy. This workshop will explore developing confident, competent and motivated participants and athletes.

Participants will…

  • Explore the Long-Term Athlete Development Framework
  • Develop an understanding of physical literacy and why it’s essential to healthy child development and a solid foundation in sport
  • Examine the Active Start, FUNdamentals, and Learn to Train stages
  • Learn about fundamental movement skills and skill progression
  • Discuss research about the risks of early-specialization and single sport participation in sport
  • Leave with resources, tools and connections to continue learning

No two workshops look the same! When you contact your local Coordinator, we will get to know the needs of your group and customize the workshop from there. Pricing may vary in different regions of the province.

Our workshops are practical, hands-on learning opportunities. Each session includes research updates, opportunities to get active and experience concepts and ideas, along with facilitated discussion and opportunities to network.

Active Sessions

Contact your local Be Fit For Life Centre to see if they offer direct programming for all ages in sport programs. The Be Fit For Life Network works to build capacity of local practitioners delivering physical activity programming. If you’re looking for quality programs in your area, we will connect you with someone in your community who can help.